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All the numbers in the roulette table are equally capable to make you emerge a winner. It doesn't matter the format you apply in your selections, every single spin of the roulette can land on any number. Even if you select the same number several times, be certain that it is as lucky as any other.

No specific strategy, follow the tips


There is no specific roulette strategy though you can consider a few tips to improve your chances of winning as well as learn rules to play roulette. Different casinos pose different rules which are likely to affect your roulette odds, in particular, if they use single zero wheels. The single zero wheel is another name for the European wheel. However, this variable (single zero wheel) is also applied in some casinos in the US.

Additionally, top and least wagers can vary from the table type as well as the casino rules/preferences. In some casinos, the least bet starts from $5 and up to $2 for others. Likewise, the top bet can be $200 for some and $500 for others.

Roulette systems

The number of roulette systems is also elemental. The systems do not improve your chances of winning but they discipline you during the betting process and are actually integral as far as roulette culture is concerned. Some of these systems include: Fibonacci, Ecart, Pivot, Parlay, Reverse La Bouchere and La Bouchere systems. Above all others, D'Alembert and Martingale are the most popular.

The D'Alembert requires a player to bet using one unit. Every time you lose, you can replace the bet with another unit whereas when you win, you place the next bet less one unit. For instance, if you had bet with 4 units and lose, it means that you will place the next bet with 5 units. Similarly, if you had won with a bet of 4 units, you'll place your next bet with 3 units and if you win 3 other consecutive spins, you'll place your next bet with 0 units. This is the time necessary to leave with your winnings; you can otherwise start over a fresh with 1 unit.

The Martingale roulette system requires players to double their bets when they lose. If on your first bet your wager was $1, this means that your second and third ones will be $2 and $4 respectively.

The best thing about roulette systems is that the casinos can in no way temper with them. You don't have to worry about unfairness, the systems works on its own.

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In Roulette, Lady Luck is the dictator

Description: The roulette game is solely based on luck not skill. Different tables and casinos pose varying rules, know them first!

Roulette is purely a game of chance and not skill as applied in poker and other similar casino games. However, it is of great advantage to understand the rules, know the various bets, odds and payoffs but at the end of it all, winning will purely be based on luck.

To get the most out of playing roulette, you should have all the necessary tips at your fingertips and understand the few factors that can contribute to greater luck.

The roulette tricks

  • Be determined to win with as few spins as possible.
  • Prefer roulette tables that factor in the 'en prison' variable. It minimizes the house edge by up to 50 percent.
  • The 5-number bet is not very essential. It gives the casino an advantage of 7.9% and for sure no player would want to give the house an additional 2.6% for no good reason.
  • Do not rely on previous outcomes as a basis of what is to come. Roulette is purely based on luck, you can win big after losing and the vice versa. However, if you strongly believe that the previous is an excellent contributor, you can bet using the same flow.
  • Some of the surrender rules give roulette participants better overall odds. It is advised that you find a game that allows the surrender rule.
  • If you hit on a losing streak, replace your checks for a smaller amount of money, most preferably 1 dollar then try to play a few other spins thereby. For example, select a number in the central column then paint the corners of the selected number. If you select a number like 29, place a chip to surround the corners of this number. Again place a check between '0' and '00' - you'll have bet 5 checks and covered 11 numbers. This gives you a quick breath for a little investment.
  • Player odds are better for single zero wheels than double zero wheels; choose wisely.

Factors that heighten your overall luck

  • Is it a cold or hot day for you as an individual? In our daily lives, we often have bad and good days. If it's a good day for you, your luck will likewise exceed and find yourself winning in the roulette table.
  • What's you attitude towards the play? Mental as well as physical attitude highly contribute to one's luck. Be positive to try again even when you lose at first.
  • Listen to your inner spirit - If you feel that it's time for you to quit, quit then. You might have won or lost but it's beneficial to obey your inner opinions.


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