Roulette in Books


There are various books where you can get tips for rouletteand all other information related to the roulette casino game as listed below:

1. How to win at online roulette by Samuel Blankson

The name of this book dictates its constituents. It compiles a number of instructions on how to win, the principles and systems that can make roulette a stable income generator. The writer says that a person can earn up to 1000 pounds a day.

2. The Roulette Secrets Revealed by John Steele

John Steele writes a step by step guide on roulette tipsand tricks that can heighten your winning chances to a significant degree.

3. Thirteen against the bank by N. Leigh

Norman Leigh narrates a true story of how a Roulette playing team broke the bank using a superb system. Norman collected his crew and dared what others have never even thought of. He reveals all the secrets that made him succeed using the Reverse Labouchere system.

4. The Secrets to Win Roulette, 2nd Ed. By Marten Jensen

You can learn so many roulette secrets from this edition. The book is all about roulette visual tracking, systems, wheels and how you can count yourself a successful roulette participant. The edition contains all what you'd want to know about roulette.

5. The American Roulette - I Turned the Odds Upside Down by Richard Marcus

R. Marcus reveals an insight to the world of roulette casino game. He narrates his unbelievable story on how he ripped off the world's casinos and turned the odds the other way round. His story is very incredible and mostly to those who are intrigued in the game.

6. Get the Edge Guide by Scoblete F.

Frank Scoblete highlights an overview of the roulette casino game right from construction, the roulette wheel layout, various techniques that expert players have used to reach their excellence and systems that roulette fans can use to climb up to the top of the ladder.

7. The Formula of Roulette: How you can predict the winning number by Kimo Li

This book contains information that's exceptionally distinct from all other publications. The writer talks about the global pie technique that helps players increase their winning ratios. If you want to know how you can predict the next winning number, the strategies are clearly defined.

8. Gamble and Win Roulette by R.D. Ellison

R.D Ellison is an expert gambler. In his book, he talks about the Reverse select principle which gives players up to a 7.94% advantage over the house.

9. The Killer Roulette by Carl Sampson

Carl Sampson has been in the casino game industry for over 10 years. He explains all what a player needs to put forward and win big.



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