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The roulette game can at times appear threatening especially for new players but they find it very cheap the time they get used to its tricks, moreover you can easily play in roulette download to practice. After you read through this article, you will now have a clear picture of how and where to place your roulette bets.

Varieties of roulette bets

Out of the different roulette bets, each of them has a unique manner on how and where it should be placed on the roulette table. To make your bets, you should place checks on different numbers on the table. If you wish to bet on 2 or more numbers, you place checks on the border that appears between the 2 numbers thus splitting the bet on each of them.

The roulette table and its meaning

The table below explores the different varieties of roulette bets as they appear on a European roulette table but they are different from that appeared on American roulette table.


Their meanings















It is a bet on the last 18 numbers i.e. 1-36.

A bet on an even number.

Black opposite to red

The first number in the third row. It covers 1-12

Should be placed on the border to split the bet. It covers 12 to 36. It's placed with 50% the value of chips on each third.

It's the left column bet. It's the only bet of all the numbers in the upper column.

The middle and left column bet. It has a half value the chips in each column.

The 6 number bet. It's the bet among all the numbers in the 2 rows; the chip should be placed on the border line. According to the table, the bet should be placed on numbers 10 -15.

Bet on 4 numbers. The bet should be placed between 0-3.

Bet on 4 numbers in a quadrant, bet on 5-8. It's also referred to Carré.

3 numbers following each other. Place the bet on 25-27.

2 bet numbers following each other. Place the bet on 20-21.

Bet on 1 number i.e. number 29.

Bet on zero, also referred to 'en plein'. Also the same as a bet on any other single number.



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