We collect information form user to be more personalize and improve your skill no our RouletteGamesList. Different sorts of information we collect which is briefly describe in below.

Collect Information from you

We collect information from you when you fill up the sign up form of RouletteGamesList. We collect such information such as first name, surname, email address, address, credit card number, social security number, and other necessary information we need as well as form needs to fill up. However we may collect information about you when you leave message for ours. You will not able to perform a few tasks on our site without registration it's fully hidden for a guest. A guest may survey on the outer portion of the site and might be notice what amount of people are in online on RouletteGamesList. But the main feature will be hidden. Moreover your given information is also needed for ourselves to maintain administration purpose of our website and take you as a customer of our website. It's also needed for responding on your requests, improving your satisfaction to browse on RouletteGamesList.

Collect information automatically

We also collect information from you automatically. Whenever you get enter on our site you have to leave your information. We use cookie system which helps us to get more information about you. We collect your computer name, browser name, types of pc you use, types of browser, browser number, when you access the RouletteGamesList your previous access period. Anything you access on behalf of our site even it may be advertisement or content us may collect information.

E-mail Communications

To make our service more effective we staring email service and other notification service. We get notified when you open your email on RouletteGamesList. To avoid the unnecessary email we compare the email list of a client which we provide on our site with others. If you want to stop the service you have to inform us to stop the service for you.

Collect information from other source

We also collect information from the third parties like credit bureau or other non affiliate programs. We never share the personal information of the client to others. Advertiser and other third parties are not going to get the information of ours client. Third parties are getting information about your by receiving the cookie and web beacon. The got your ip address, location pc types, browser types, browser number and other things related with cookie but they works on behalf of RouletteGamesList. You can contact those third parties or advertiser personally. However you do not have to be worried because they are restricted by Privacy Notice and those are habituate by doing privacy practices.



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