European Roulette


Online roulette gameis more popular in Europe than in the US. There is only a slight difference between the US and European roulette games. In both, the payouts, the roulette wheels and the tables are all the same. The key difference is the 0 and 00 styles; however, these zeros are a basis of all other differences. Those who are new to roulette might not be able to note the slight difference between the two roulette types, be keen in all your searches!

Know the difference

A European roulette wheel has 37 numbers as opposed to 38 numbers in the American wheels. In both types, apart from the zeros, all other numbers have red or black color shades in an equal proportion. The numbers are too apportioned into odd and even numbers equally in a ratio of 1:1. The casino then earns its house edge in roulette from the bets that players have placed and paid for.

In other words, a bet on any given number in a European roulette pays out at 35-1 which is an even cash bet if there was no 0 number in the layout. If a player places a bet on either even or odd number, a red or black number, he's paid out at even odds. However, the odds are not even due to the fact that the ball may land on a zero.

Know he odds

By the look, the zeros' difference is just simple but it poses a definable effect when it comes to European roulette odds. In real essence, if you double the zeros in the European roulette wheel, you double the chances of an even or odd number being landed on. The same principle is also true when you bet on a black or red number. Now that the zeros have a unique green color, doubling the number of zeros also doubles the odds that the ball will supposedly not land on a black or a red number.

Roulette odds are expressed in regard to the house edge advantage. The house edge determines how much money a player will lose out of what he invests in the game. For instance, the house edge in American roulettes is 5.3% and so for every 100 dollars invested, the house parts with $5.3 and the player is left with $94.7. Likewise, the house edge in European roulettes is 2.7% which means that out of every $100 of investment, the house gains $2.7 and the player is left with $97.3.



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