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The roulette game mainly depends on the wheel design and the payout table. However, you can easily improve your roulette oddsby selecting the right bets or those that have the best payouts. Most roulette wheels have 37 to 38 payouts based on its origin. All roulette wheels feature a zero pocket which constitutes the house edge. In other terms, if you bet on a black or red number, the payout will be 1 to 1. In reality, the zero drops in, implying that the actual payout is less than the payout odds - this is how the house edge gains. The house edge for US based roulette wheels is 2.3% higher compared to European based wheels - this is the reason why you should consider it a priority playing a European roulette.

Know the worst and best bets

It is advised that players avoid a 5-number bet which is only present in American wheels. The American wheels record the worst payout of 7.9 percent.

Weighting your bets to the even cash bets is the best strategy. For instance, you can move from even then to odd, then to low (1 to 18) to high (19 to 36), to black or red bets. Such a trend will give you the best even payouts.

Also you can opt to visit casinos that embrace the 'la partage' principle on even cash bets. The house edge in this case can be up to 1.3 percent. La partage is available in most European and French roulettes. When a zero shows up, your bet is forwarded to the next round and hence only a half of your cash investment is lost but not all.

The house edge

The roulette house edge is obtained from the overall loss by all players. House edge is mainly the tax that's charged by casinos - this is how they make money. In every business venture, an investor is always determined to make profits and so to casino owners. When you bet on a European roulette once, you stand a chance to win 1/37 roulette odds; the casino then pays you 35 - 1 and the difference goes to house edge. In European roulettes, a straight up number wins 1/37 and loses 36/37. Mathematically, 35/37 less 36/37 equals to 2.7 percent.

The hold in roulettes

The hold is totally different from house edge. It's normally the amount of money the casino owners collect from casino checks less what has been paid to winning players.



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