Historical Narrations

The Egyptian roulette


The roulette odds began long time ago. The Egyptian roulette was set out in ancient Egypt. When you land on the venue, you will surely enjoy its scenic beauty in great delight. You will see two pretty Egyptian chicks whom their beauty overshadows the sun. Your eyes can remain glued on the magnificent temples as you play roulette from gorgeous spots. You will enter into a world full of glamour, passion and risk. The roulette game excites a player such that he/she is mentally and physically absorbed in it.

The game offers the players a strong sensational feeling; probably you can even win her heart and fall for a life fortune. As you listen to the pleasant music while playing, you're relieved of stress and at least enjoy a good ambience out of your usual home experience.

The Island Roulette

Long ago, a ship sank in the sea; it was one of the biggest and best known ships that were in operation then. A strong storm broke out which crashed the ship into pieces. The ship had pirates inside who were killed and buried with it in water completely. The spot where this incident occurred is today a home of many fish breeds, aquatic plants and other marine animals. There is a big layer of rust all over the crashed ship. All other ship constituents became useless except a roulette table which works well up to date.

The Island Roulette dives a player in the sea water as he plays. At times the fishes want to play the game with you. The music mix, pretty graphics and the cool ambience make the game pleasantly charming.

The Roulette Calculator

The Roulette Calculator is meant to be used with the online roulette game. It calculates for you the number to bet based on the previous spin. When you key in the previous number that the wheel landed on, press the calculate button and the number to bet next will be displayed. You don't have to know the expert tips if you have a roulette calculator with you.

ViPNet Password Roulette

The ViPNet Password Roulette features an easy to learn interface that any user can understand. The first tab of this device gives you all the passwords while the second tab allows you to choose numeric or phrase password type and the language. The faster you key in letters/numerals the faster the results are displayed.



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