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Hi, my name is Alberto Pureto. I am Italian and work in SunRise casino in Las Vegas as a roulette dealer. I have been working here for six years and now my job is not only my hobby, but my passion also. I adore casinos and casino game and during these 6 years I’ve tried to learn as much as possible about them. I’ve seen winning and failure and now I want to share with you my knowledge and experience.

Most of all I love roulette game. The reason of it is quite simple – first of all, it is interesting to play it and secondly it is very captivating to watch how others play it. There are also many myths and legends, which surround roulette and every day I see how people got influences under some unbelievable things and forget, that playing roulette they just need to observe rules and remember about bets they make. This game is wonderful and I know that many consider it to be a game of chance, but apart from being lucky you have to know the kinds of roulette game, as there are more than one kind of it, and of course, bear in mind some useful tips, which you will find at my website!

There are some info, which is known to all the players, who tries their luck in roulette game at least once. But there are also some things, which are unknown by most of the players, so called unwritten rules for successful roulette playing. As a professional dealer I can give you some recommendations, which will help you to win playing roulette. The best and the most important tip is to train playing skills in online casinos. The matter is that only there you can find free versions of the roulette games, so you do not need to pay in order to get some practice. Usually these free games are called instant game versions or no-download versions. They are also played by those, who just want to have some fun, but do not want to visit casino. You can try playing roulette online at to see whether you are skilled enough to start gambling for money. If you are not sure, that you know all the rules, keep learning the basics at RouletteGamelist. Never think, that learning you waste your time, as you just get new information how to become better player and succeed in each game you play.

When you are ready to gamble at casino, I advise you to Play Roulette Online at 21 Nova Casino website. You will like it, I’m sure! There is much more interesting information on roulette game, so, welcome to my site and good luck in your gaming experience!

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Roulette Odds

The European roulettes give a better payout than American ones. The casinos too reap a higher house edge accordingly.

Roulette for Fun

Online casinos offer a great deal of casino games. All the games can be played for fun, for example roulette for fun or blackjack for fun.

Go Casino

Go Casino

Bonus: 200%
Match Bonus up to $100
Software: Vegas Tech

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Online Vegas

Online Vegas

Bonus: 75%
Match Bonus up to €100
Software: Vegas Tech

Play now

Win Palace

Win Palace

Bonus: 225%
Match Bonus up to $800
Software: Real Time Gaming

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Roulette Tips

Every number in the roulette table has an equal chance of winning like any other.

All the numbers in the roulette table are equally capable to make you emerge a winner. It doesn't matter the format you apply in your selections, every single spin of the roulette can land on any number. Even if you select the same number several times, be certain that it is as lucky as any other.



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