Roulette Origins


Online roulette game is one of the most recent online casino games and is delivered in accord with the latest technology. The game has recorded a distinctive history for the past a hundred years.

For centuries, there have been fairytales, myths and legends relating to the roulette game though each has some factual truths in it. Gambling began thousands of years ago, our fore fathers knew it. In reality the issue of gambling games did not just start yesterday, it has been there and will be there; it's improved every day to suit most decent technologies, generations and experiences.

The roulette origin

The roulette game is a precedent to justify the past history about gambling. The players of the ancient times say that gambling was firstly played in Rome by soldiers who used spinning chariot wheels. Some other sources say that the game originated from Tibet. In real essence, no one knows the actual origin of the roulette game. The name 'roulette' is a French word which denotes a small wheel - this makes it most probable that roulette originated from France. The invention is associated with Blaise Pascal, a French scientist of the 17th century.

In the 18th century, a gambling related game known as RolyPoly was also established in England and used a spinning wheel and a small ball which has similar features to the present roulette apparatuses. The betting technique used in the ultra-modern roulette has similarities to the 'even-odd' roulette. Generally, France remains the only viable origin of the gambling and roulette games; Monte Carlo was the first casino in France where roulette was played. Today single wheeled roulette is featured in Europe unlike double wheeled roulette in the US which is similar to the French invention.

Online roulette today

The roulette history chipped into the online casino industry in the 1990's. It was used as a perfect tool by graphic designers and software developers to showcase their abilities as they fit in the betting grid, roulette ball, the spinning wheel and all other elements to fully deliver an online roulette system which operated like a virtual casino. Online casino roulette is now played in the US, Europe, France among other nations by the click of a computer mouse.

Mobile roulette

During the start of the 20th century, the online casino grew further into a more apt standard and could now be played right from one's mobile phone. This meant that players could play roulette as often as they wished anytime, anywhere.



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