American Roulette


The American online casino rouletteis a fun game to play. The game of chance has recently been made available over the internet. The same rules applied in land casinos are also applied in online video plays right from Las Vegas all through Monte Carlo.

In the recent past, casino games began their official venture in the beautiful internet world. They have continued to build their popularity as many folks learn how to play and others want to taste of their excitement. When you place your bet online, yours then is to watch the ball spin past the many numbers and finally lands on either.

The Rules

The roulette wheel is made up numbered pockets that range from 0 - 36. Before you start playing, you must settle on the amount of wager you prefer then click on the 'increase or decrease bet' button. After this, you can then start placing bets on the virtual roulette table. Once you place bets, you must instruct the wheel to start spinning by clicking on the 'play' button. The results then will be either you've lost or won.

Types of bets

Whatever you are going to win is based on how much you have bet and the number(s) you have select in your bets. The only main types of bets are interior and exterior bets.

Interior bets:

These types of bets are placed inside the table. They include: -

  • The straight up bets - the 'straight up' bets are placed in the interior side of the table and are the simplest. When you place your bet on either number from 1 to 36, you will be a winner if the ball lands on your selection. In the case of a straight up bet, you win $36 for every single dollar you put in.
  • Split bets - in split bet, you place your bet on the line that forms between 2 numbers. This gives you double chances of winning because if the ball lands on either of the two adjacent numbers you become a winner. A player earns $16 for every single bet won.
  • Street bets - you place your bet in 3 different numbers. A player earns $10 for every $1 input. It gives you triple chances to win and a great payout.
  • Square bets - this happens when you bet from the central point in a square of 4 numbers.

However, exterior bets are placed traditionally outside the roulette table.



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