Roulette Variations

Roulette popularity has continued to grow since the medieval times. Sometimes back, it was only available in land casinos but today the game is available online. In this era, you can hardly find a casino that doesn't offer the roulette.

The European roulette is most popular


The European roulette is the most common type offered by most online casinos. It has 37 numbers on its wheel i.e. numbers 1-18 and 0. All bets lose when 0 is called except the bets that are placed on the 0 single number. This records a house edge of 2.6% indicating that for every $100 a player spends, he/she is expected to win up to $93.4.

The French Roulette - Invented in France

The French roulette offers a lower house edge compared to the European roulette. It's designed similar to the European roulette; the only main difference is the French roulette's 'La Partage' rule. Following this rule, if 0 is called, 50% of whatever the player had invested goes back to him. Due to this reason, the house edge is also low, 1.6%. Most casinos prefer what will give them a higher or reasonable house edge percentage; this is why you'll rarely find a casino offering the French roulette. If you're the die-hard type of roulette player, visit online casinos like Ladbrokes, Spin Palace, William Hill, Wild Jack Gaming, etc; they all offer the French roulette.

The US Roulette

The American roulette is also common though not as much the European one. Its wheel has 38 numbers i.e. 1 - 18, 0 and 00 - double zero. The house edge for this is 5.7% implying that for every $100 a players puts in, he can win only $94.7. European is clearly less profitable than American roulette for any player; however, the variance is something a player can avoid.

The Micro gaming roulette

This type includes a progressive jackpot with a compulsory side bet for $1. If the same number is called 5 times in the same row, the player then hits the progressive jackpot. Besides the cheap values of the progressive jackpot, the house edge for this game is very high. The jackpot can go as high as over $600,000 - a preference for high return risk players.

About the Mini Roulette

Some other online casinos choose to offer the Mini roulette. It has 13 numbers i.e. 1 to 12 and 0. A single number out of the 13 leads to loss of all bets unlike 1 in 37 numbers. The house edge is 7.9 percent. Many casinos who offer Mini Roulette included a few bonuses to attract more players. However, the high house edge should let you know why you need to stay far away from Mini roulette.



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